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We offer premium electric swing stage platforms (suspended scaffolding) for sale. Our systems move at 26 feet per minute and can be assembled in under 2 hours.
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If you need access to swing stages for regular use, our products are available for sale.

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Rent swing stage
work speed x3
Width from 3.2 ft to 39 ft
Carry capacity 1388 lbs or 2200 lbs

Double deck

Our platforms are modular, so if one isn’t enough, grab more. Double platforms could double the productivity and significantly shorten the project time.
work speed x2
Width from 3.2 ft to 39 ft
Carry capacity 1388 lbs or 2200 lbs

Single platform

Our swing stages are ready for any facade work.

multipurpose swing stages

Our swing stages could also be used at factories, at shipyards and lift shafts. We’re ready for any work at heights.

Fast and steady

Not only are our electric swing stages faster than their diesel counterparts, but we also provide swift service.

State of the art

We use up-to-date technologies in every aspect of our work. Our swing stages are faster, safer, and easier to assemble.


We manufacture all our swing stages, meaning there will be no issues with maintenance and replacement parts. We could also make a custom swing stage with the exact measurements that you need.

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Swing stage
New York City
Effortless facade work with our swing stages.


Swing stage
New York City
Effortless exterior construction using our swing stages.

Sky Rise

Swing stage
Swift high-rise progress with our swing stages.


LTD 6.3 electric motors

Our swing stages work off LTD 6.3, 2 pcs of 1.5 kW 380 volt 3-phase powerful electric motors with aluminum gearbox, allowing for 26 feet per minute speed and carrying capacity of up to 1380 lbs.

Waterproof control boxes

Our waterproof control boxes operate on IP62 and have SMARTBY® features, providing soft starts and using sensors to prevent overload as well as electrical overload.

Mechanical lock

Enkel swing stages come with several safety measures. Besides climbing ropes, we use 4 additional 0.3-inch diameter safety ropes, holding up to 8000 lb each, affixed to BLOCK STOP independent emergency brake. We use state-of-the-art mechanical locks of our own production to make sure everything is fastened just right.

Suspension mechanism

For roof rigging, we use mechanisms with concrete counterweights weighing 55 lbs each, that are suited for easy transportation. Our mechanism allows us to easily adjust the distance from the roof to the platform.

Parapet clamps

We use parapet clamps to mount our equipment. They’re easily affixed to most roofs, saving installation time.

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Tech Details

Ascend speed
31.5 ft/min
Motor Power
2*1,5 KW
31.5 ft/min
380 V
Braking Torque
15 Nm
Steel Rope Angle Adjusting Range
Front beam extent
4.9 ft
Platform Type
Count of module
(3.2 ft + 6.4 ft + 9.8 ft) 3pcs
Suspended Platform Size
(length. x width. x height.)
6mt x 69cm x 118cm
Platform weight
903.9 lb
Weight Of Suspension Mechanism
385.8 x 2 pcs
Weight Of Suspension Mechanism
385.8 x 2 pcs
Balance Weight
2204 lb
Total Weight
4034 lb
Wire Rope Radius
0.3 inch
Max Height
492 ft
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swing stage vs
traditional scaffolding

Enkel swing stage


Time to assemble
Enkel swing stage
less than 3 hours
Assembly or disassembly takes less than 3 hours (with the building up to 328 ft tall and 39 ft wide stage)
at least a week
Ease of installation
Enkel swing stage
Not permanently attached
Attached to facade
Enkel swing stage
Disassembled and can be used again
One time use consumables
Enkel swing stage
Our swing stages fit into a small truck, leading to a quick and easy delivery.
Takes a long time
A full truck full of construction equipment can't always easily reach the site in the city, necessitating multiple deliveries.
Enkel swing stage
Doesn't require additional space
Requires additional space and workforce
Moving personnel on the site
Enkel swing stage
Access to the building
Enkel swing stage
The work area can be localized
Not available
The facade is completely blocked off
Enkel swing stage
Easy to move
Impossible to move without disassembly

How we mount swing stages

Regular building or intricate facade, we're ready for you

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frequently asked questions

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What’s the maximum height of a building you could work with?
820 ft
What’s the maximal width of a platform?
39 ft
How long does it take to assemble?
Under two hours, as long as there is a crane available
What’s the minimal rental period?
28 days
What is required to power Enkel swing stage scaffolding and mast climbers?
Three-phase AC power