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heavy lifting
installing windows
working with fiber-reinforced concrete
Mast climbing scaffold platforms (mast climbers) can safely carry much heavier loads than swing stages or any type of scaffolding. Our electric mast climbers have a carrying capacity of up to 4400 lbs.
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If you need access to mast climbing scaffold platforms for regular use, you could buy one of our products to own. We manufacture all our parts, so you’ll have no issues with repairs and maintenance.

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Rent mast climbers
work speed x3
98 feet wide

double mast climbers

Twin mast climbers are 98 feet wide, providing more coverage. More coverage equals more work getting done.
work speed x2
32 feet wide

single mast climbers

We offer single mast climbing scaffold platforms 32 feet wide, ready to quickly lift heavy loads.


We have an additional backup brake system. If the elevator goes out of control or falls, the backup brakes are activated and lock the system down, and don’t allow startup until the technical staff arrives. The brakes don’t require any power and are completely independent of all the electric systems.


Enkel mast climbers could be used for a variety of tasks in construction, particularly for installing windows and working with fiber-reinforced concrete. The climber carries heavy loads and is firmly set, minimizing wind interference.


Our mast climbers could even take an L shape and go around the corner. We have single mast climbers, as well as twin mast climbers available if you need to expedite the project.


The platform has auto-leveling so it automatically straightens itself as needed, never going out of balance.

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Swing stage
New York City
Effortless facade work with our swing stages.


Swing stage
New York City
Effortless exterior construction using our swing stages.

Sky Rise

Swing stage
Swift high-rise progress with our swing stages.

comes with




Heavy duty chassis


Mounting attachments


Platform parts


Control box


Rain canopy (optional)

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Tech Details

Max height
492 ft
Max platform width
98.4 ft
Max weight capacity
4409 lbs
Max speed
21.3 ft/min
380 V
Mast size
19.9 x 20.7 x 58.6 inch
Wing size
59 x 39.3 x 32.9 inch
Masr weight
171.9 lb

For when you need a firm lift

Our mast climbers are fit to safely move any heavy equipment.
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frequently asked questions

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What’s the maximum height of a building you could work with?
820 ft
What’s the maximal width of a platform?
39 ft
How long does it take to assemble?
Under two hours, as long as there is a crane available
What’s the minimal rental period?
28 days
What is required to power Enkel swing stage scaffolding and mast climbers?
Three-phase AC power